Problems connecting OpenNebula virtual machines to the internet

I have problems connecting OpenNebula virtual machines to the internet despite creating a bridge between the physical interface of my pc and the one created in the OpenNebula interface
Ubuntu 20.04, OpenNebula 5,12

Hello @Rcarl2010,

There is a previous posts that can probably help you on this:
Access to internet with a Virtual Machine
Also, this page on our Documentation, can help:
Managing VM Instances

If this don’t solve the problem, let us know.


I did it and it didn’t work

Do you receive any error message? Or it doesn’t connect to internet, even with the bridge?

This is the configuration of the virtual network and the bridge with the physical interface enp4s0 which is one of the ones that provides the internet and the VLAN identifier does not give me the option to configure it
BRIDGE = “br0”
BRIDGE_TYPE = “linux”
DNS = “”
GUEST_MTU = “1500”
PHYDEV = “enp4s0”
VN_MAD = “bridge”

Hello @Rcarl2010,

Very sorry for the delay, but we still need to check the error message that you might got.

Can you paste here the result of ip a command on the host and on the VM?

In any case, I strongly suggest to upgrade to 6.4, since 5.12 is no longer maintained.