Question about ACLs


We are trying to restrict what users/groups can see/use/manage.

I am seeing now that all the groups can see the “Files & Kernels” created by other groups, therefore, i would like to know what ACL we must create in order to the group only can see the “Files & Kernels” created by its group. After reading the documentation, I don’t have clear which is the affected resource or subset to which we need to apply the ACL, I think it should be “images” but I already have restricted this and I am still seeing the "Files & Kernels"
from other groups.

Probably, we also need to delete some old ACLs and create new ones.

Thanks in advance,


The resource to manage files visibility is indeed IMAGE. If users are seeing files that they shouldn’t it can be because of:

  • The resource permissions (chmod)
  • The user may be in secondary groups
  • There is another more permissive acl rule

You can read more here: