Recommended Production Architecture

Hi Team,

I am currently in the process of building a OpenNebula Installation for a Production Environment spanning across two Datacentre Locations. The infrastructure already has VMware vSphere 6 running and they want to extend it further into a Private Cloud.

I am planning my design as below :-

  1. vONE Cloud App + OpenNebula
  2. Foreman + Puppet
  3. Docker Integration for App Containers
  4. Cloudify for Orchestration using TOSCA

I need a little help in understanding the best practices and recommended Architecture for Open Nebula Implementation with HA.

This is what I have in mind 2 VM’s running Sunstone Frontend in HA using Fencing and CMAN, CCS etc.and 2 Physical Hosts running ONE Core (oned) and Scheduler each in HA CLuster. I plan to have Datastores on a separate SAN volumes. Will this work ? or can you share some reference HA Architecture in real Use Case implementation that I can use ?

I would also like some input around DataStore configuration if you can share some information around it.

Additionally I am planning on using Foreman + Puppet for Configuration Management and Automation capabilities. Do you have any recommendation for the cloud automation and orchestration with OpenNebula ?