Recover VM after Shutdown Command

Please, please … tell me that i can recover my VM after shutdown :frowning:
i had a fully configured VM as mail server et receioving emails since month… today i wanted to power it of and “restart” it so i used the shutdown command, result : VM disappeared and now more folder of the VMID in the datastore :frowning: does it mean we have lost every data in that VM !?
The state is “DONE, LCM_INIT”

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@ibstelix Is the image set to persistent? or non-persistent? If persistent, you can instantiate the VM template again and all your data will be there.

If it’s non persistent as @anandharaj it will be difficult to recover the disks as they are deleted in shutdown.

thanks jfontan & anandharaj,
unfortunately i did not set it as persistant …

  • Why is it called SHUTDOWN :frowning: !? this word has already a meaning in IT world ( to poweroff a computer)
  • Why to set template as persistant ? (because a template is meant to be used by different vm … i don’t see a user case for setting a template as persistent … the vm has already its disk persisted …

so i need to recreate everything now :frowning:


Please refer to the documentation to understand the VM lifecyle and meaning of the action. I had the same to understand the “shutdown”.

BTW, there is no setting to set template as persistent, what need to set is the image/disk. So you mentioned the image/dick is already set persistent, then you may just instantiate the template again.

For image with persistent, you need to have template for each image/VM else you need to update the disk information every time you want instantiate a VM. For non-persistent image, yes you just need a single template because the image will be cloned and run from it. When “shutdown”, the cloned image will be deleted.