Restrict live migration to the same CPU generation with host-passthrough

Hi all,

we recently added some new nodes to our ONe cluster. The new ones are EPYC 75F3 (they are FAST!!!), and old ones are two gens older, EPYC 7351. I discovered that I can live migrate VMs between them without a problem, unless they use CPU host-passthrough. I would prefer to not restrict users to one CPU type (e.g. by moving the new hosts to a dedicated cluster), nor I want to restrict myself to live-migrate all VMS (including those which don’t use CPU host-passthrough) only inside the same CPU generation hosts during system upgrades and maintenance.

Can I somehow say “when the VM CPU-type is host-passthrough, don’t live-migrate to a different CPU generation”, and have this restriction work automatically e.g. during “onehost flush” or “onevm resched”?



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I’d say the best way to proceed is add the nodes into a different cluster. You can add the datastores and netowrks from the old one that are accesible to the new nodes; so basically sharing them across clsuters

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