RPC2 nebula asking

Where i can check in which measurements OpenNebula returns values with xml-rpc quering ?
As example, i am getting information about net_tx from VM and it is not comparable with information from sunstone.


Also mine vm has 5 cores, but info from rpc, i dont even know.

Hello @Jehe,

The XML-RPC API docs is available here: http://docs.opennebula.io/5.12/integration/system_interfaces/api.html.

Probably, the information there is not enough for you, as you probably are retrieving the VM information and checking the corresponding values. So let me give you more info, for the NET_TX value, it’s retrieved during the monitoring using virsh --connect LIBVIRT_URI --readonly domstats command, you have the code available here.

Regarding the CPU, which exact value are you printing there?

//VM/MONITORING/CPU from answer on xml-rpc request
vm.info method

Hello @Jehe,

The information you are printing is the actual usage of the CPU inside the VM not the number of cores. If you want to check the number of virtual cores that the VM will see from inside you can check /VM/TEMPLATE/VCPU.

My old measure, which i am asking is it usage in percent ?

Yes, you can find the description of the VM monitoring values here: http://docs.opennebula.io/5.12/integration/infrastructure_integration/devel-im.html#monitor-vm-message