Shared storage for new infrastructure

Hi to all
I’m planning a new opennebula infrastructure
what do you suggest as shared storage?
Gluster or ceph?
it would be used as system image running images directly and not as simple golden image hosting

Gluster is easier to setup and administer but ceph seems to be much more used in openstack

In my environment, i am using CEPH storage. By using ONE 5.0, you even dont need to have shared filesystem for the system datastore - can use CEPH directly.

Can you share some details about your infrastructure ?

Which one you use is going to be dependent on a lot of things. If your getting started with a smaller set of nodes or have a smaller staff where you need to spend your time administrating a lot of equipment you may consider Gluster.

If you have a larger setup with a good team you might consider Ceph as it’s a clear winner for really scaling up (IMO).

The Open Nebula Cloud Reference Architecture pdf recommended a small/medium setup to go with GlusterFS with Ceph being used in larger setups.

That said, i’m not sure about the recent change for GlusterFS in 5.0. It appears to revert back to the Fuse setup which I thought was an inferior method compared to the direct access provided by 4.14. While it’s still available, it’s no longer recommended which has left me a bit confused. At the same time they have introduced direct access with Ceph. It may be previously set ideas are changing.

Both are managed by Redhat I believe.

I wish to know the answer for this thought.