Sharing CEPH between clusters/datastores?

I have a Ceph RBD pool used as an OpenNebula datastore. Can it be shared between clusters in OpenNebula? Can I, for example, attach the same datastore to more than one cluster? I would like to avoid having to copy all the installation CDROM images to more datastores. When I attach the Ceph datastore to some cluster in Sunstone, it gets detached from the cluster it has been previously attached to.


This is already implemented in master for 5.0 (share datastore across
clusters), there is no straightforward workaround for the 4.x series :frowning:

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OK, thanks. I don’t strictly need multiple clusters - the other alternative for me is to be able to have hosts with multiple VN_MADs. I have a few VLANs which are connected to the infrastructure outside the OpenNebula system, which I need to use as dot1q VLANs (so probably with onehost -n ebtables), and then I want to use OpenNebula-only private networks, which should probably be implemented using VXLANs.

Is it possible to have a host with both -n ebtables and -n vxlan?

Again this is for 5.0, we are working now on the merge… :frowning:

OK, thanks!