Slow query detected when monitoring hosts

After updating to from 5.10.x, we are receiving this in 0-5 second intervals:
Wed Dec 16 13:51:58 2020 [Z0][SQL][W]: Slow query (0.57s) detected: SELECT host_monitoring.body FROM host_monitoring INNER JOIN host_pool ON hid = oid WHERE (host_monitoring.last_mon_time = (SELECT MAX(last_mon_time) FROM host_monitoring AS t WHERE t.hid = host_monitoring.hid)) ORDER BY hid, host_monitoring.last_mon_time;

Hello @tosaraja, this issue was fixed here: Improve hostpool.monitoring performance · Issue #5147 · OpenNebula/one · GitHub.

There was a problem with the performance of the query and it have been improved reducing drastically the time taken by that query and the one for retrieving VM monitoring information.