[SOLVED] Configure standalone deployment of OpenNebula in a VM (QEMU configuration)

Hi all

Actually I have a complete deployment of OpenNebula (standalone) in a VM, I did it with the guide http://goo.gl/jtYpGZ and it was succesfully completed, however like I am using a VM I need to use QEMU to create new VM’s instead to use KVM as hypervisor.

I did a comparation of the file oned.conf to change this part and allow this feature based on the “Try-out VirtualBox SandBox” http: //opennebula.org/tryout/sandboxvirtualbox/ basicallyt I have the same oned.conf in my current configuration but I still don’t accomplish this feature working so far. Also I restarted the services:

sudo service libvirt-bin restart
sudo /etc/init.d/opennebula-sunstone restart
sudo /etc/init.d/opennebula-econe restart
sudo /etc/init.d/opennebula-novnc

¿Do I need other change in my configuration? I let u know my current oned.conf file http://pastebin.com/B0SgPLm8

Thanks for the help? The reason of the deployment is because of a proof of concept for a project.

I’ve found the solution here http://goo.gl/eDY75H, just I replace my oned.conf file with this https://goo.gl/JQqwKs and just changing the parameter “type=kvm” to “type=qemu”

VM_MAD = [
name = “kvm”,
executable = “one_vmm_exec”,
arguments = “-t 15 -r 0 kvm”,
default = “vmm_exec/vmm_exec_kvm.conf”,
type = “qemu” ]

And I restarted the opennebula services:

  • sudo service opennebula restart
  • sudo service opennebula-econe
  • sudo service opennebula-novnc restart
  • sudo service opennebula-sustone restart

But I really figure out just is necessary the first one : )