SOLVED - Error monitoring Host - sh: /var/tmp/one/im/kvm.d/../run_probes: No such file or directory


Host is in “Error” state and VMs are unknown, but actually they’re running.

Here’s the error msg in the oned.log:
Wed Mar 8 09:31:19 2017 [Z0][ONE][E]: Error monitoring Host host-node04 (3): sh: /var/tmp/one/im/kvm.d/…/run_probes: No such file or directory

/var/tmp/one/im/run_probes exists and when i try:
[oneadmin@anknode04 ~]$ /var/tmp/one/im/run_probes kvm /var/lib/one//datastores 4124 20 4 host-node04
nothing happens…

ssh to host-node04 with oneadmin works ok.

Tried to restart libvirtd on the host but didnt help.

Any ideas?


maybe you can try

onehost sync -f

This will copy the probes and start the monitor process if needed.

Had tried without -f but didnt work… With -f option, all OK now…
Thanks Ruben

did you run “onehost sync -f” command with oneadmin user or root?
and where did you do that? is it via ssh?