SSH-KEY not working


If we added ssh public key which generated with ssh-keygen in linux - all working perfectly, but if we generate it via Puttygen - it’s not working. We tryed any methods and any bits.

Anyone have idea?

Could you elaborate on what methods and bits you’ve tried? Did you follow the putty documentation how to do key conversions?

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Anton Todorov

Please check the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file and check the parameter of PubkeyAuthentication yes/no

Ofcourse, if ssh generated in Linux or with windows ssh - all working fine, but if it generated with puttygen - not working.

All templates downloaded from Marketplace and as i said - the problem only with putty generated keys

Could you paste the public part of an example of non-working key?

Please could you tell the exact error while connection from putty on SSH and it gives an error.
As I working on Centos 7 and i want to take access through putty I face an error while it ask me to generate the key. When i check the sshd_config file the parameter was hashed.

i hope i’m understanding this correctly… anyway:
iirc putty has a different public key format, which you need to convert to openssh format before you can use them.

you can do it manually or see the “export to OpenSSH” described in that post:

if you’d say now you’d expect that SunStone lets you know if you save your key, or multiple, and one of them is invalid for processing by the context scripts - well that would be nice.