Ssh system datastore capacity

Hi everyone,
We have 3 host machine in our virtualization infrastructure, one front-end and two hypervisor and using NFS-sharing for share oneadmin user home directory.
First hypervisor contain 3 datastore: file, default and system. I create one cluster contain one host (on secound hypervisor machine) and one system datastore with ssh TM and running two virtual machine on this cluster.
But, ssh datastore don’t show capacity in that information, Why, What’s the problem and what’s the solution?

Thank you.


What version are you using?
For ssh datastores, the capacity is supposed to be inside each one of the host information (host tab, or onehost show). This is because each host will have a different local storage.

Can you check if the ssh DS capacity is there?


The last stable version 4.12
Yes, You’re right. :slight_smile: