Storage best practices?


this question is a bit broad, but I wanted to know if you can share your ideas about what should be a good storage design for ONE cluster.

This is what we have:
5 nodes for ONE
1 NAS running napp-it

We want:
To have a running cluster, live migrate nodes, and have nodes HA.

Our current setup is iscsi/clvm/dlm/corosync/pacemaker (on ubuntu), but I’m not sure it is the best option.

Can you please share your experiences?


Hi, I use simillar setup.

Fiber Channel/corosync/pacemaker/clvm/lvm.

Using LVM as block storage you achieve best perrformance but you don’t have ability to make snapshots and thin provisioning.

In your setup you can also use NFS share and for VM images use qcow2 format, which have ability to make snapshots, thin provisioning, compression but worse performance.