Storage on OpenNebula

Hello Guys,

I have 3 hosts and one frontend, my 3 hosts all have 1 tb drives in them, my frontend only has a 160 gb ssd in it, How can I add these drives to the storage pool or as storage so the vms can be stored on the hosts they go on.

I am researching I promise but if I could get some answers here it sure would help.

Thank you again,


Excuse me if I’m too brief, but this should at leaset help to get you started in the right direction:

With the ssh drivers, your VMs will use the local host storage while running. But the frontend storage will still limit the amount of new images that can be registered:

So you may want to use ceph to combine all the storage:

Thank you Carlos I will give it a shot.

As for CEPH then one needs to take into account network requirements:

We recommend that each host have at least two 1Gbps network interface controllers (NICs)… it is also worth considering using 10G Ethernet.

So it could be that some other distributed network FS (DNFS) would better fit your setup (e.g. LizardFS).
For example one can split local HDD into two partition each, build DNFS using first partitions and mounting such shared storage on front-end as image datastore and use the second partition of local HDD to run VMs using SSH TM driver.