Subscription confusion


I’ve been running Opennebula for my private purposes for like 4-5 years, I have 3 hosts with GlusterFS as storage driver. I’ve also made some small contributions (i.e. testing one-image-backup, language contribution and some little forum questions and suggestions for community posts).

Is it possible to upgrade from i.e. 5.0.x version to newest version and which one is newest for me? I am bit confused and not sure, if I am able/allowed to upgrade my infrastructure or what to do with recent licensing and subscription announcements.

Can someone advice please?

Hi @Snowman!
The latest CE release is version but upgrades from versions other than 5.6.x+ can be a bit tricky… :thinking: If I were you, I’d try to upgrade first from your 5.0.x to Maintenance Release 5.10.1, and only then I’d go for the upgrade to For this final step, you’ll need to get the Migration Packages through this form, confirming yours is a private deployment with no commercial purposes, and that’s it :nerd_face:
Hope that helped!