[Sunstone] Error when chown or chgrp of a OneFlow service


When I try to change the owner or the group of a service template, Sunstone display an error end of file reached.

When I refresh the Service template, the owner and group are the changed one, confirmed by oneflow-template show <ID>.

Looking at the network debugger of my browser:

  • The request is http://one.eole.lan/service_template/0,[object Object]?id[0]=0&id[1][owner_id]=-1&id[1][group_id]=101&csrftoken=bddea734df4c2005e027376dccb06e40
  • The response is 503 Service Unavailable with message: "end of file reached"

Any idea?

What OpenNebula version are you using?

Daniel Molina forum@opennebula.org writes:

What OpenNebula version are you using?

Sorry, I’m using 4.14.2 from you ubuntu trusty repository.