Sunstone problem!

When I enter the sunstone he stands at the input stage

the log displays the following Message /var/log/one/sunstone.error:
== Sinatra/1.4.3 has taken the stage on 9869 for development with backup from Thin

and in /var/log/one/sunstone.log:
Tue Dec 15 10:40:24 2015 [I]: - - [15/Dec/2015 10:40:24] “GET / HTTP/1.1” 200 - 0.0034
Tue Dec 15 10:40:26 2015 [I]: - - [15/Dec/2015 10:40:26] “POST /login HTTP/1.1” 204 - 0.1402
Tue Dec 15 10:40:26 2015 [I]: - - [15/Dec/2015 10:40:26] “GET / HTTP/1.1” 200 - 0.0163

Over the rest everything works as it should.
Some help
Thank you

Hi there!,
is it a clean installation or have you updated OpenNebula from a previous release?

update from 4.12.2 .

Ok it’s an update. Then I’ll post you the answer of Daniel Molina (dmolina) at the IRC to the same issue, according to this forum post there have been some changes in the yaml views file, and some variables have changed from a boolean to an array… then old views would not work as expected and shows a spinning gif like yours.

Have a look at that post and use the latest yaml files at GitHub to check the differences if you want to keep your old views if you’ve made some modifications (e.g or use directly the new yaml files if you don’t mind overwrite them (always proceed with caution :slight_smile: )


Thank this resolved.