Sunstsone Sinatra/Thin errors

I am setting up an OpenNebula test environment on Ubuntu 15.04 running on VirtualBox. The CLI works fine (onevm list, etc. all return normally). However, the sunstone gui throws errors:

NoMethodError - undefined method as' for :id:Symbol: /usr/lib/one/ruby/acct/watch_client.rb:213:infilter_pool’
[and many subsequent errors]

The gui itself runs but is of very limited functionality in this state (keeps throwing errors, most options do not work).

The version of Sinatra is v.1.4.6
Ruby is 2.1.5p273

Do I need to upgrade or downgrade some of the libraries?


Hi Dave,

It looks like you are using a very old OpenNebula version . Please, use the packages distributed in our own repo, since the official ubuntu repository does not include the latest version: