Support VMware DataStore clusters

Seems like an easy question, but still couldn’t find an answer. Does OpenNebula support datastore clusters the same way it supports datastores or there isn’t full support for the clusters ?

If there is some documentation - I’d greatly appreciate if someone can point it out.


in 5.2 version StorageDRS are partially supported. If you have an StorageDRS with many datastores as members of that cluster, you can use CLI’s onevcenter datastore command or Sunstone to import those members as individual datastores where you can deploy VMs and store images. Unfortunately you can’t use the cluster as a single unit so it can’t decide what datastore of the cluster is used when deploying a VM for instance.

However an enhancement is currently being tested so the StorageDRS can be also imported as a single unit. That way, VMs can be deployed leaving the decision on what datastore of the cluster to StorageDRS. Hopefully it will be part of OpenNebula 5.2.1.


Thanks for the answer. Spot on and helpful. Is there a document with what else is going to be in 5.2.1 ?