Testing environments for demos before upgrade


I have some ONE installations with differents FileSystems (XFS, EXT4) , Datastores (SAN (fslvm), NAS (Glusterfs, NFS), Networks (VLAN, isolateds), Hosts (Physical, Blades), HA for Sunstone…

My problem is when i must to evaluate the migration to other new ONE version.

I have think the possibility to virtualize my installation but with a backup the problem is that we dont have similar specs on the virtual environment so i couldnt evaluate the environment correctly.

Do you have any best practices to make a test environment based on a production cluster?

What is the best practices to clone an production opennebula to a for example virtualbox environment?

How do you make the test for brokens evolution from a production environment?

Thanks a lot!!

My steps to clone an installation are:

  1. Take a backup from /etc/one

  2. Take a backup from /var/lib/one/.one

  3. Take a backup from mysql database

  4. Restore all the backups on a new system with an clean installation of ONE

  5. Try to upgrade the environment.


The hosts are not the same

The images, templates, VNIC, VMs are not the same

Could it be a test environment for upgrades?

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