Unable to delete host in Opennebula


I have OpenNebula HA Cluster 6.0.0, Yesterday I added a new KVM host, then tried to deploy a new virtual machine on it (the virtual machine was stuck in the boot state, I deleted it). Now OpenNebula in the Infrasrtucture → Hosts section shows 1 VM on this host, although in fact there are no existing virtual machines on it.
Now I can’t remove this KVM host.
Error message is “Host still has associated VMs, aborting delete.”

Any suggestions please?

Try running onedb fsck to fix database inconsistencies. If the VM is not listed on the VM pool but is referenced on the host template after running fsck you can manually edit the host template with onedb update-body <host_id> to manually remove such reference. Backup the database before doing so as manual database altering operations are inherently risky.

Hello Daniel!
Thanks for your advise, onedb fsck command fixed all errors except one:

less /var/log/one/onedb-fsck.log

Total errors found: 246
Total errors repaired: 245
Total errors unrepaired: 1

Found nothing in logs,
just trying to figure out what this error is and how to fix it?

Hello! Any news about this topic?