Unable to delete Image

Hi Team,

I am new in vOneCloud, I have imported few VM templates along with the Image, I have deployed few VMs from that. Now i wants to delete those images/templates but unable to do so when i am deleting the image it gives below error.

[one.image.delete] Cannot delete image. There are 1 VMs using it.

All i wanted to know the VM which we deployed from template does it have any connection with this image,
Well i think deployed VM should be totally independent from template/image so we can delete or make change in image.

One more querry- Does New VM share it drive with image disk,or both disk are different and independently manageable.

Nadim Shaikh

I have the same situation, since no VM in my test setup, and the image can not delete from sunstone or cli.

Please advice

Fadjar T

Just modify the record in Mysql database for the related image and the VM to 0, then delte from sunstone…