Unable to import templates with 5.4.1? Ruby Error?

Thanks ybizeul!

So thats my output:


Hi @Pascal,

Before running the script, I need you to import the vCenter templates.

When you see something similar, run it. And it would help if you showed me the problematic templates like @ybizeul did.



Hi @AbelC,

thanks, thats what i already did. But im not getting any similar information like @ybizeul does.

Filtering the reslut, i can see the text messages, which we already saw before in sunstone gui.

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Can we provide more info? Or is there a workaround?

Hi all,

Sorry for the late response.

The only solution I see to be able to continue with this is:

  • Install opennebula from source.
  • change proc -> dev in sunstone-server.conf
  • debugge in chrome/firefox:
    1. Breakpoint in app/utils/vcenter/templates.js (line 496). So we can see that it sends Sunstone to the vCenter driver.
    2. Import vCenter template.
    3. When we are in the breakpoint, look that contains the variable ‘vcenter_ref’.

With this, we can detect in which layer the problem is. (Sunstone or vCenter driver).


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