Can't import template from host


I deployed vOneCloud (latest version) OVA to my vCenter, but I can’t import my templates, which is a huge problem.
Also, do you know if that’s possible to “refresh” the wild VMs list ? VM created on vCenter after adding the vCenter to vOneCloud doesn’t show up (which would be useful to import the VM and “template” it directly from vOneCloud as a workaround).


Versions of the related components and OS (frontend, hypervisors, VMs):
vOneCloud 3.0.4
vCenter 6.5 U1 (One ESXi host in one cluster)

Steps to reproduce:
Add host, try to import template.

Current results:
“It appears there was a server exception. Please check server’s log.” right after “Importing images and vnets”. Can’t find any relevant error in log (but unsure where to look at).

Expected results:
Importing the template.

It works using the command line.

Also, one (big) issue, my host, which was previously disabled (in my attempts to refresh wild hosts) won’t go up, they’re stuck in MONITORING_INIT. What can I do for that ?

Please use the vOneCloud community support forum for vOneCloud related questions:

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