Error Importing Templates

I am in the middle of a dev setup in preparation to a production server however when trying to import a template from vCenter I get the error
It appears there was a server exception. Please check server’s log.

Here is part of the sunstone error log

Mon Jan 15 18:15:12 2018 [I]: - - [15/Jan/2018:18:15:12 +0000] “GET /vcenter/template/undefined/7?timeout=false&use_linked_clones=&create_copy=&template_name=&csrftoken=741c21f8ecd6d33dbc2dee8d1659d6a3 HTTP/1.1” 500 - 0.1421
Mon Jan 15 18:15:12 2018 [I]: - - [15/Jan/2018:18:15:12 +0000] “POST /vcenter/template_rollback/7 HTTP/1.1” 200 - 0.0082
Mon Jan 15 18:15:31 2018 [I]: - - [15/Jan/2018:18:15:31 +0000] “GET /vmtemplate?timeout=false&pool_filter=-2&csrftoken=741c21f8ecd6d33dbc2dee8d1659d6a3 HTTP/1.1” 200 -

I need to know if any further configuration steps are needed from a default install. I am using vOneCloud and adding host and existing VMs all import just fine however it is just the templates that exist in vCenter that is the issue.

Here is the oned.conf

oned.conf.txt (174.3 KB)

Hi Ben_McGuire,

Opennebula has a forum VOneCloud related to answer these kind of questions.

Please open any topic regarding VOneCloud distribution here:


That forum would be nice if they did not pick and choose which posts to allow as I have made posts about issues and they never post or approve them for others to see and view so considering there is zero support for the most basic of tasks we have abandoned the migration and stayed with Openstack. It is a shame that we would need to pay $3000 to get vOneCloud to a working state not knowing if it is going to be suitable but I guess that is the whole idea of not offering support.