Update networks VN_MAD after upgrade to 5.0


After our upgrade to 5.0 on our production infrastructure we find another issue: updating the networks VN_MAD.

Before 5.0 it was set per host, now it’s set per network.

  • now, neither the hosts nor the VN_MAD have the VN_MAD set

  • I can’t make a reservation: [VirtualNetworkReserve] No VN_MAD in template for Virtual Network.

  • but the VMs are deployed with the good network driver:

    Mon Aug 22 14:12:42 2016 [Z0][VMM][I]: Successfully execute virtualization driver operation: deploy.
    Mon Aug 22 14:12:43 2016 [Z0][VMM][I]: post: Executed “sudo ovs-vsctl set Port one-52742-0 tag=4”.
    Mon Aug 22 14:12:43 2016 [Z0][VMM][I]: post: Executed “sudo ovs-vsctl set Port one-52742-1 tag=107”.

Any idea?


NB: I’m trying to create a new onedb patch to set the VN_MAD, fortunately all our networks use the same. Do you have a better solution?

It seems to be a Sunstone issue:

But the XML definition of the network is good:




I clicked on the update button to look at what information I had and I saw that the configuration was not correct:

I’ll open an issue since I think it’s a problem either in sunstone looking for information in ATTRIBUTES or in the upgrade process.


issue #4737 opened.


Thank you for reporting this, we’ll schedule it for the next release.