Vlan & Networking Help


We’ve been using Opennebula for some time, originally 4.14, but more recently 5.2.

We’ve recently reorganised some of our kit and are now managing our own physical switch with 3 nodes, and not having had much experience previously we’re having trouble getting the network settings correct.

Previously we used Openvswitch, which worked fine and each VLAN happened to be isolated within each host, now we need them across the hosts and that’s what we’re struggling with.

I’m sure getting the settings correct between ONE and the switch is pretty simple, but we’re struggling to find settings that work and allow us to use a virtual router (not ONE’s) for DHCP / DNS etc.

The switch is an L3 Netgear managed switch.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi James,

In our lab I have all vlans in trunk mode to a host NIC. for eaxmple, to set a network with vlan ‘1003’ on host NIC ‘enp2s0’


Hope this helps.

Best Regards,
Anton Todorov