VM Centos 7 disk cloning

Good Morning

I am a newbie to OpenNebula and I would like to perform the following operation. I have a centos 7 virtual machine where I want to replicate the disk on 2 more machines, but when I lift another virtual machine with the disk copy, I get: “Boot error: not a boot disk - No boot device” . This is the disc information, template and VM Centos 7:

It is a clone of the original with the same characteristics, so there should be no problem. Or do I have to change DEV_PREFIX? , if anyone knows how to build VM Centos 7 based on a copy of a disk, that would be great!

what do you mean by that? what steps did you follow?

@besmirzanaj I mean, my Centos 7 virtual machine got a backup, and based on that backup I’m going to go back up, in case my original virtual machine crashes at some point.