VM stuck in PROLOG state


I am trying to instantiate a new VM but it is stuck in PROLOG state. The hypervisor is XEN and I am using image provided by Opennebula market for Xen.

Mon Aug 8 13:03:57 2016 [Z0][DiM][I]: New VM state is ACTIVE.
Mon Aug 8 13:03:59 2016 [Z0][LCM][I]: New VM state is PROLOG.

Also I am able to instantiate VM using a different image that I created. The configurations for the template are same for both the images.

Arshad Shaikh


I think you should check /var/log/one/oned.log rather than VM logs.


I am also facing the same problem. I am trying to create a Ubuntu Instance using Ubuntu Template but it got struck in PROLOG state. But tty-linux instance works perfectly fine. I think the problem is in the size of the image or size of datastore. What is the problem? How to overcome this problem?

This is a problem with TM_MAD, if you are using DATASTORES with TM_MAD = “ssh”, try to connect via ssh to your HOSTNAME.