VNC Ports, Config with vCenter question and ON 14.2


So after much reading of these forums and googling, We have a few queries re the VNC access to a vSphere environment. After some experimentation, we now have ON connected to our vcenter and with an edited VM ( RemoteDisplay.vnc.* settings ) we now have the console icon.

It fails with:
VNC Server disconnected (code: 1006)

Does each VM need it’s own VNC port? VM 1: 5901, VM2: 5902… etc.
Is a custom firewall rule required for each ESXi host or does it pull via VCMS?
Do we need additional tweaks if Opennebula is public facing with a vSphere environment on a private network behind it, in order to view the consoles?



vSphere 5.5 u2, CentOS 7, Opennebula 4.12

For VNC to work properly:

  • Please install VMware tools in the guest OS.

  • To enable VNC functionality for vOneCloud, repeat the following procedure for each ESX:

    • In the vSphere client proceed to Home -> Inventory -> Hosts and Clusters
    • Select the ESX host, Configuration tab and select Security Profile in the Software category
    • In the Firewall section, select Edit. Enable GDB Server, then click OK
    • Make sure that the ESX hosts are reachable from the OpenNebula front-end

The predominant question was whether every VM needs it’s own VNC port? I have enabled those rules already with no success, hence my reason for posting the question.