Windows 2012 Server ON5.4 + KVM

That’s my images’s config


When i booting VM from was created by this template, in VNC i see screen with “No Bootable debice”
What am i do wrong?


So , i uploaded new image, and configured it once again BUS = SCSI, Image mapping driver = raw.
It’s an issue.
Now,when i install win , it asks driver for cd rom

You should try adding a second cdrom image with the virtio-scsi drivers from the fedora project

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Thank’s a lot

So, i cant’t win this problem. I downloaded iso from fedora, mount it like cd-rom (and after also try to doit like hdd-ide) and i don’t see second cd-rom or hard drive.

So , i can see only CD-Rom and search drivers in it, but, it’s doesn’t help. also i can’t mount second cd-rom with fedora drivers

Ура, бля! I find issue for my case. i needed create cd-rom with drives in IDE mod ,raw format. It’s important to do before uplouding iso