Xml-rpc api method to delete tokens

Good day.
I use one.user.login method to create new tokens but can’t find appropriate method to delete existing not needed tokens. Can somebody drop a hint which method should I use to delete token ?

Opennebula version 5.10.

Hello @romjer

You can use the same method:

        # Sets the LOGIN_TOKEN for the user                                     
        # @param uname [String] of the user                                     
        # @param token [String] the login token, if empty OpenNebula will          
        #   generate one                                                        
        # @param expire [String] valid period of the token in secs. If == 0        
        #   the token will be reset                                             
        # @param egid [Integer] Effective GID to use with this token. To use       
        # the current GID and user groups set it to -1                          
        # @return [String, OpenNebula::Error] token in case of success, Error   
        #   otherwise                                                           
        def login(uname, token, expire, egid = -1)                              
            return @client.call(USER_METHODS[:login], uname, token, expire, egid)

Put a 0 in expire parameter and the token will be removed.