A way to pass IP variable to KERNEL_CMD inside VM Template

Hi there,

I’m trying to set up a Talos OS. In my configuration, there are a couple of servers with no DHCP. I’m configuring the network for Talos using the command line. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pass those variables to the OS section inside the VM Template. Is there a way to do so or implement it?

Here is an exaple of cmdline:
KERNEL_CMD = "talos.platform=nocloud slab_nomerge pti=on ip=

So basically I’d like to replace hardcoded information with variables: $NIC[IP], $NIC[GATEWAY], $NIC[MASK] inside OS[KERNEL_CMD].


I have not yet tested the new code but I have seen Talos has a recent changes to support opennebula : feat: add OpenNebula context support by shurkys · Pull Request #8249 · siderolabs/talos · GitHub

there is not yet a release with an image so you have to build the talos image yourself from the main branch.

I hope this helps.


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