Access service on VM from internet

I have two nodes on vmware, both centos, both in same subnet. Front-end and one KVM node.
I’m able to boot up image, and get access to internet but my big question is how i’m getting into VM.
Let’s assume i have on VM apache and Mysql installed. How to access those service?
I can use VNC or ssh from KVM host to configure those services, but how to get access outside KVM host?
Maybe i’m missing some steps or this setup is totally wrong and there ise better way?

2 VM in vmware, subnet 172.77.55.x

  1. front-end
  2. Node1, virbr0, inet

On Node1, 2 cloud images running with IP’s & 11

  1. Image1 - apache running
  2. Image2 - mysql running.

Apache (or any other that needed) traffic has to go trough Node1 somehow.

Solved it
I was using this how to to add new interface:

In ON i set network template bridge as br1 and addresses start at
Now am able to access new VM in any way i need.