Is there a way to access VMs directly through the node?

Hi guys,
I was wondering if there is a way to access a vm through the node?
My architecture looks like the following:
I got one controller node and one hypervisor, which is actually hosting the VMs. All local machines are connected to the network/internet. When I run a script or something on the hypervisor which relates in any way to a VM, it would use the network to connect to the VM I guess eventhough the VMs are running on the same local ressource. So my question is, is there any way to access the VMs directly through the node? If this question turns out to be pretty dumb, I am sorry.

Do you mean accessing VM’s console?

Yes. I think the vnc connect is working in some way the same. There the connection is been established through a port of the node.

I simply install virt-manager and use that to access the VM console.

Besides what @anandharaj said, if you want connectivity, you should do something like this:

frontend              hypervisor
    +                  +------+
    |                  |  br0 |
    |                  +------+
    |                    |  |
    |                 +--+  +---+
    |    physically   |         |
 +----+  connected  +----+     +--+
 |eth0|-------------|eth0|     |VM|
 +----+             +----+     +--+
IP in SUBNET         NO IP     IP in
                           same SUBNET