Accessing sunstone server from windows system

I have just started using opennebula so the doubt might be really trivial.

I have successfully installed opennebula and opennebula-sunstone. I want to create a linux virtual machine for windows user connected on the same network. My query is that how would a user access the sunstone as being on windows he/she cannot install it on his/her system? Is there a way that sunstone server can be viewed without installing opennebula-sunstone?

Hello @swastik,

Sunstone is a service of OpenNebula. A user can connect to Sunstone through the url, if you put the server with a public ip they can access. IE10 is supported by Sunstone.


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Hey @AbelC

Thanks for your solution. Just to make things easy I used ngrok for accessing my sunstone server from other PC(Windows) and it worked. The problem I am facing now is that the public user I create from admin account shows invalid username or password on login from that remote user. Logging in from the main system hosting sunstone server also logs in only with oneadmin account and shows invalid username or password for the rest. Any idea?

Hello again @swastik,

Can you provide me the iogs information?

I created testing as a public user and tried to login into sunstone. I had also provided ssh key and registered a user using ssh, but that won’t work either.


What I am able to figure out is that, currently I trying to login into sunstone admin which only uses authentication (loginid and password) provided in one_auth file, hence all the other user created won’t be able to login. So where do the public users get registered?