Active directory authentication timeout if password contains a space

Hi, I believe i have read the recommended posts related to this issue.
I am running 4.14.0 on centos 7 and am able to authenticate via LDAP against Active Directory. As i understand the group feature is not supported so any user under the specified OU can authenticate. I auto assign them to some group with no permissions (presumably i can edit the auth script myself to search groups).

However i find that users with spaces in their passwords fail after a long timeout. the message returned by the gui is “No answer from server. Is it running?” if i type the password incorrectly i get an immediate invalid user or pass error. Other special chars appear ok. Sunstone.log:

Tue Oct 27 14:20:33 2015 [E]: User x could not be authenticated
Tue Oct 27 14:20:33 2015 [E]: Net::ReadTimeout
Tue Oct 27 14:20:33 2015 [I]: Unauthorized login attempt

Oned.log does not register appear to this event.

Encoding the users pass with %20 does not seem to help either.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Im not sure where to see more detailed error details.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Does it happen using Sunstone web interface or also using the CLI? Is encode_user_password set to true in sunstone-server.conf?

That was it. Typical sorry for the inconvenience and thanks.