Active Directory group mapping?

Hello, I’ve seen documentation, but I haven’t understood about Active Directory group mapping.
I’ve found

:group parameter is still not supported for Active Directory, leave it commented.

And my question: Group mapping for Active Directory is working? If it works, where and how I will create mapping?
I’ve tried to add this in file server1.yml, as is in :mapping_filename

CN=cloud-admin,OU=AccessGroups,DC=domain,DC=ru: ‘0’

And, when I create user with LDAP in Frontend, I see only default mapping (:mapping_default: 1)

Group mapping works with active directory. Here is the configuration I have in my machine:

$ onegroup show test | grep GROUP_DN
$ grep -v '^$' ldap_auth.conf | grep -v '^ *#'                
server 1:
    :user: ''
    :password: '*******'
    :auth_method: :simple
    :host: domain.server
    :port: 389
    :base: 'dc=opennebula,dc=org'
    :user_field: 'sAMAccountName'
    :mapping_generate: true
    :mapping_timeout: 300
    :mapping_filename: server1.yaml
    :mapping_key: GROUP_DN
    :mapping_default: 1
    - server 1

This is the manual execution of the driver action with a test user in that cloud group and the mapping file that was generated automatically by the driver:

$ $ONE_LOCATION/var/remotes/auth/ldap/authenticate test - test
Trying server server 1
ldap test CN=test%20test,CN=Users,DC=opennebula,DC=org 100
$ cat $ONE_LOCATION/var/server1.yaml
CN=cloud,CN=Groups,DC=opennebula,DC=org: '100'

Notice the number 100 in the authentication test. That is the id of cloud group so it is correctly mapped.

Can you add what the filelocation\filename is for these settings changes?