Add datasource, system type fails

Hi All,

some days ago for the first time I installed open nebula.

I would add a new datasource (“SAMSUNG SDD”). As I have mounted the ssd on /mnt/SSD.
FILE and IMAGE types seem work fine instead SYSTEM is not working (it is not initializate). Please see below:

and for this reason I cannot create a VM on new datasource.
Do someone know why?

Many thanks,

Ubuntu 16.04, Open Nebula 5.4.1

Steps to reproduce: Mount another hard disk and add a new datasource

Current results: datasource not properly added

Expected results: datasource added successfully

Can you send through the contents of /var/log/one/oned.log?

Hi tinova,
I cannot upload files because I am a new user.

Anyway during the creation of datasource system none log is written:

root@cloud:/var/log/one# cat oned.log | grep "SAMSUNG SSD SYSTEM"
Wed Nov 22 14:25:18 2017 [Z0][ReM][D]: Req:9936 UID:0 DatastoreRename invoked , 109, “SAMSUNG SSD SYSTEM”

in the log file I’m seeing only a rename entry.

Is possible that SSD is not supported?


I have only one host. Is it possible that I cannot add a datasource in the same host?

SSD and adding more than one DS per host is supported.

Can you create a gist?

Sorry for delay. Here the log

We need the " /var/log/one/oned.log" file, not the individual vm log files.

Can do a thing more easy?
Could you please explain the steps to add a datasource, for example a USB STORAGE or a SATA Hard disk, to a open nebula?
I have not found a documentation for this.

Many thanks,

Hi @tinova,

I followed a guide.
I have mounted the new storage over /var/lib/datasource/101


and I have added the three type of datasources on opennebula sunstone.

The FILES and IMAGES datastore was added successfully but SYSTEM type is not recognized.

Here the /var/log/one/oned.log

Can you tell me why this behavior?
Many thanks.

There seems to be something funny in that datastore 134, the core doesn’t seem to even try monitoring it.

Can you send us additionally the output of:

$ onedatastore show 134 -x

root@cloud:~# onedatastore show 134 -x
[DatastoreInfo] Error getting datastore [134].

There is something wrong with this datastore in the DB. Please try adding it again to OpenNebula.

I have already done it several times. Same behaviour (Images and Files datastore recognized but SYSTEM datastore not).
Generally, What am I doing wrong?

Can you try creating the datastore through the CLI using the “onedatastore create” command? You’ll need to create a datastore template.

Since I cannot see the template of the datastore 134 I cannot really see what is wrong. Alternatively, please post the output of the following SQL command run against the DB:

select * from datastore_pool;