Adding new tabs to 4.14

Dear friends, we are working on the integration of our external modules (the ssh console, uchiwa & so on) in sunstone. It seems that some additional steps are needed after adding the relevant .js tabs files and extending the sunstone yaml file. Is there any quick process to do so? I would be happy to contribute to the documentation in a longer form afterwards for anyone interested in the process.
(by the way, 4.14 is absolutely great.)
Carlo Daffara

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Dear Carlo,

We are changing the mechanism to include external tabs in Sunstone for one 4.14.1, therefore I would wait for this version to be released. There will be a documented example for adding the AppMarket tabs, but basically the steps will be the following:

  • Modularize the tab using requirejs
  • Include the new tab in the main.js file where the dependencies are defined
  • Generate a new minified file including the new tabs using the grunt task.
  • Extend the sunstone yaml files


Wonderful, many thanks. Will happily wait for 4.14.1.