Insert hyperlink into sunstone menu [SOLVED]

Hi guys,

I would like to add a hyperlink straight into Sunstone’s main menu. Could you advice me on that?

So far I was using quite ugly solution of creating a brand new tab that shows the linked page in its frame. This is causing troubles now, because the page in iframe has some weird javascript inside. When I try to open ‘instantiate’ tab for example, it returns ‘Action not defined’.

What is the correct way of adding such hyperlinks as a new menu items in Sunstone?

You can use the code in the support-tab.js for this:

And use the no_content option:

Hope this helps

Thank you, it looks much better now.

Here’s an example for interested people:

[code]var help_tab = {
title: ‘’ + tr(“Cloud HowTo”) + ‘Show help’,
no_content: true

Sunstone.addMainTab(‘help-tab’, help_tab);


    $(".help_button").on("click", function(){
            var win ="https://addr/to/my/howto", '_blank');