Adding users to subgroups

At first, I hope all opennebula comunity are fine in this complicated moments.

And now, my little problem.

I have opennebula connected to our ldap mapping our ou as group (ou=users)

But now, i need to create other groups for assing to many users.

I want to create a strucure like.
all users are in “users” group but some of that may be in “second_group” because they must be unseen by others (but the resources within the group “second_group” are shared)

The problem is when i create in ON the group “second_group” and try to modify users and set as second group. Allways have the same error:

[one.user.chgrp] Groups cannot be manually managed for auth driver ldap

There are any options? or how i can solve this problem?
Thanks in advance.

pd: ON version: 5.4.6