An User cannot create VM

An User try to create VM. but below Error is show. in attachment the group ID are listed 190,191,192 are group ACL

Error! [TemplateInstantiate] Error allocating a new virtual machine template. User 47 does not own a network with name: VN_113_119 . Set NETWORK_UNAME or NETWORK_UID of owner in NIC.

acl (62.5 KB)

HI Aravind,

Just got the same issue, and fixed it by adding this NETWORK_UNAME in the VM template:

NIC = [
NETWORK = “Cust07_VLAN”,
NETWORK_UNAME = "Cust07" ]

Mr. Kita
Still i have a problem.
I cannot create a VM as a user
In opennebula an user is not have rights to create VN. In this case how to create VN as a user