[SOLVED] Problem with user template wizard

Hi, thanks for your time. The situation is this: When as an admin we create a template for user usage, we add an image for the instance (vCenter). When the user tries to create the VM from cloud view, the wizard don’t show the network to choose. As a result the VM got created but with no NIC. The user has to add it after its created. If we don’t choose any image with the template, the wizard shows the network selection option but the VM gets created empty. Another thing that happends is that in admin view, this behavior does not occur but the create button on the top, when pressed, changes to Submitting… and the app does nothing.

vOneCloud 3.2.1, OpenNebula 5.6.1, vCenter 6.7

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It seems to me that the problem is the permissions of Virtual Networks. The vnet should have permission “use” for the users.

Please view if article below help:

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Hi! thanks gbernardes, that was the problem!

Thanks again!