Ansible_inventory.rb -> Howto define array in context and pass to ansible?

Hello again,

I am using the inventory script from below and I am pretty impressed with its simplicity and functionality.

I am trying to use a playbook for NTP configuration which expects an array “ntp_servers”.
When I define the variable in the playbook as [] it works fine. If I try to pass the context var “ntp_servers” to the playbook the value is not interpreted as array.

I get a chrony.conf like this
server [ iburst
server " iburst
server 1 iburst
server 9 iburst
server 2 iburst
server . iburst
server 1 iburst
server 6 iburst
server 8 iburst
server . iburst
server 1 iburst
server . iburst
server 1 iburst
server " iburst
server ] iburst

Any help howto to pass the value in the correct way would be very much appreciated.


Hello, try my opennebula ansible inventory implementation

I create host groups using VM labels, so you have to just label your NTP servers in opennebula.

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Hello Kristian,

thanks. I finally had the chance to try your implementation. It is always good to have a choice.
I get a slightly better result, but still not the expected one.
When defining the ntp_servers = [,] as context variable I end up with an ntp.conf only including the second value from the array:

server iburst

Expected result would be:

server iburst
server iburst

When I define
ntp_servers: [, ntp.pupisoft.loc]
within the ansible play I get the expected result.
Do you have an idea how to pass an array/list from OpenNebula to Ansible?


Hello, my implementation works with VM Lables. So you have to “tag” your two running VMs with label “ntp-servers”. My one-inv script will return array like this

  "ntp-servers": [

Also if you have more labels, it create another groups of VMs. You can also skip som especific labels to use for grouping in config.

I also fixed crash when VM with no label found, so you need to update my script to version 1.0.2

When I understand it correctly, you have to define custom context vars and want on provisioned VM to configure right ntp servers. In that case, you should extend context scripts

Another way is to extend my script (I can do that). My script also returns meta data “host vars” which reads from USER_TEMPLATE and ansible have access to that vars. So we can extend host vars generation to parse som einput as array. Also we can parse TEMPLATE/CONTEXT, it depends what you need and if is possible for you to use USER_TEMPATE instead of CONTEXT one

The NTP Server is just one use case where I want to use an array of values and pass it to ansible.
My plan is to use a TEMPLATE/CONTEXT variable, e.g.:
NTP_SERVERS = “[,]”,

“So we can extend host vars generation to parse som einput as array.”
-> I think this is exactly what is missing!


Hello, I playing a bit with user template and find following solution.

Define custom tags

Result from one-inv script will be

  "GroupName1": [
  "_meta": {
    "hostvars": {
      "": {
        "DESCRIPTION": "CentOS 7.4 64bit Minimal",
        "HYPERVISOR": "kvm",
        "INPUTS_ORDER": "",
        "LABELS": "GroupName1",
        "LOGO": "images/logos/centos.png",
        "MEMORY_UNIT_COST": "MB",
        "NTP_SERVERS": {
          "SERVER1": "",
          "SERVER2": ""
        "SCHED_DS_REQUIREMENTS": "ID=\"112\" | ID=\"114\" | ID=\"116\"",
        "USER_INPUTS": {
          "CPU": "M|range-float||0.5..6|0.5",
          "MEMORY": "M|range||1024..16384|1024",
          "VCPU": "O|range||1..24|1"

I think that you can use instead of SERVER1, SERVER2 just numbers 0, 1