any doc on admin/user workflows

Dear All …
Currently I have one image based on on NGINX docker image.

Is there any ‘for dummy’ type of doc that tell complete step by step on creating working VM from scratch?

My nebula version is 6.6


Hello @Bino_Oetomo,

Have you checked our documentation?:

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@FrancJP thankyou for your response.

I Apologize for being late to read your response.

Yes, I read that doc … actualy I read it before I post this question.
It’s a good ‘indepth’ documentation.
But I failed to get the picture of what I have to do step-by-step to have a VM running on my open nebula.

yes There is a video on youtube that tell about having a FireCracker VM from nginx docker image.
But it says about ‘existing vm template’. But did not tell on how to build a template.

so a again, is there any docs (or clues) that tell a complete workflow.