Cannot create snapshots

Hi Guys,

I’m not quite sure if this is the right way to go about this as I am new to Open Nebula but I can’t make a snapshot.

Here are the steps I have done:

  1. Uploaded an image (iso) file of Clear OS
  2. Created a template with: Disk 0 - Clear OS iso, Disk 1 - Volatile Disk, size = 10000, Type = FS.
  3. Set to boot off the ISO (Disk 0)
  4. Installed Clear OS from the ISO (disk 0) onto the volatile disk (disk 1)

After doing the above, it gives me the option to make a snapshot of the ISO but not the volatile disk. Is there something I am doing wrong?


In OpenNebula you can’t do much with a volatile disk, it doesn’t have all the actions available to the disks backed by an image.

What you need is an empty datablock image. Set it to persistent, and the installation will be saved in the image after the VM shutdown. You will need to change the image type to OS afterwards.

Thanks Carlos!

That is what I needed.