Snapshots disappear once VM powered off

Hi folks,

I’m using Open Nebula to drive a vCenter environment.

Snapshots work as expected while the VM is running, I can take a snapshot which works in vCenter and shows up in Open Nebula.

If I power the VM down I noticed that:

  • I can’t take a snapshot while the VM is powered off - this would be nice as in many cases you will want a consistent state of the VM for a snapshot
  • When the VM is powered on, any snapshots that have been taken are no longer visible - they exist in vCenter, but are no longer listed in Open Nebula.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Bump, is there a better place for this topic?


This is the current OpenNebula behaviour since KVM snapshots are lost after a power cycle.

In any case, we have an open issue to tackle this problem for future releases: