Apropriate place to force virtio devices


I am new to ONE, I just deployed CentOS 7 from the market place, but I noticed it has an rtl NIC instead of virtio. What is the right place to define virtio NIC devices for VMs?

While at it, I’d like the VM deployed from this template to default to virtio-scsi for storage, so same question, where is this best defined?


Hello @Lucian

You can define both things in the file /etc/one/vmm_exec/vmm_exec_kvm.conf.

Thanks Alejandro, do you know what options and parameters can be added to that file?

You can add all the information that libvirt supports, check official documentation. You can use raw section to add something which is not generated by opennebula.


Thanks, what’s the syntax to add virtio-scsi?


Alejandro Huertas via OpenNebula Community writes:

Check this documentation.

Right, I was hoping I could just write “virtio-scsi” in some config file…

To answer myself, changing the BUS to SCSI in the Advanced Options of the template I am deploying from leads to virtio-scsi being used for the VM. See pic.